Green Acres Estate

Coffee & Pepper


The estate is approximately 74 acres in extent, located in Vastare Hobli of Chikkamagluru District. The elevation is between 3200 to 3400 feet above sea level, which is considered a good elevation for quality coffee growth.

We grow Arabica (Selection 795) on around 80% of the acreage, while Robusta plants account for the remaining 20%. The coffee has earthy tones and low acidity levels. Our coffee berries are pulped and washed, and the resulting parchment is sun dried. The roasting and grinding is done in small batches to guarantee freshness.


We grow a hardy, indigenous variety of black peppercorns which are strong in taste and flavour. The peppercorns are dried for a relatively long period to discourage mould, and hence appear smaller in size.

Coffee Pepper