Green Acres Estate

Green Acres Homestay

We are a coffee and pepper producing plantation. We invite you to enjoy a little snapshot into our life on a coffee plantation.

What is unique about our property?

The bungalow was built by an English coffee planter more than 70 years ago. The original structure had a tiled roof which was replaced with a concrete slab around fifteen years ago. During the renovation, the original flooring of red tiles was replaced and the dining room was shifted, but the rest of the bungalow was left intact.

Portico Left

Our surroundings are home to a large variety of birds. During mulberry season, the trees in the compound come alive in the early mornings and if you manage to pull yourself out of bed by 6 a.m., and creep quietly out into the porch, you will be delighted by the sight and sounds of numerous colourful birds. Later in the mornings, if you're lucky, you might hear the rat-a-tat-tat of a woodpecker busy at work in a silver-oak tree. For the last decade our estate has been home to a large family of peacocks. These skittish creatures are difficult to spot, but every morning one can hear their loud screams high in the trees. We spot their large eggs during our estate operations but leave them undisturbed.

Portico Left

The mighty Christmas trees near the gate could have been around ten years old when we bought the estate in 1974 and the beautiful curtain of eucalyptus trees that you can spot even before you enter our compound has been in existence ever since we can remember.

The only sound at night is the chirping of crickets, but for which you could hear a pin drop. On moonlit nights you will hear the plaintive howls of foxes and wolves in the distance. Cobras and vipers are sometimes seen in the vicinity but we respect their presence and no one has ever had any problems with snakes.

Why live in a homestay?


As for the advantages of spending a vacation on a homestay as compared to a hotel, we believe that a hotel is impersonal and fails to give you an insight into the life of a local. The best way to experience life on a coffee plantation is to live at a homestay. We take pleasure in showing guests around the area and will provide you with invaluable insights that you cannot hope to get from a guide book. We will provide you with a wealth of information about local cuisine, flora and fauna. We value your privacy but are always available to answer any queries or give you information about places to visit. We love meeting new people and would be happy to keep in touch with you after your visit.


Food and diet related information

You are welcome in our kitchen during your stay. We will share our recipes with you and would love you to give us some of your favourite recipes and cooking tips. Your feedback is important to us and we will be happy if you have any constructive criticism. Please keep in mind that this is a homestay and not a restaurant or a hotel, and therefore we do not have a variety of food items that you may order. We have fixed meals on any particular day which we will serve to all guests, but wherever possible, we will try to keep in mind your preferences and cater to your needs. Please note that we do not serve beef.


If you have young children who require bland or liquidised food, or any specific dietary requirement, please inform us in advance and we will ensure that their needs are met. Please inform us of any medical conditions such as diabetes, a cardiac condition, hypertension or any such illnesses that may necessitate a special diet. While we cannot guarantee that we can manage specific food requests, we will try our best to meet your requirements. Please inform us if you or any member of your group has any food allergy or has any other known allergies. While we can manage gluten or lactose intolerance, provided you inform us well in advance of any such dietary requirement, nut allergies or any other food allergies cannot be managed by us. We will try and accommodate your dietary preferences wherever possible.


We would like you to keep in mind that this is a family environment with elderly persons as well as children living here, and hence raucous and unruly behaviour must be avoided. Loud music that might disturb the family or other guests is not permitted.

Please do not litter. We take great pride in the cleanliness of our surroundings and request you not to litter in or around the estate. When you go sightseeing, we encourage you to carry a bag to dispose of any waste material (we will provide you with one on request). Please show respect to our clean and green environment, and leave the area the same way you found it.